Gate Camera

outdoor Camera

A single outdoor camera, 10m cable and power supply connected to your TV AUX input to monitor your gate without having to open your doors to see what's happening.

4 camera and DVR system

4 camera and DVR system

4 Cameras and a DVR system with 4 x 10m cables, power supply and remote.
Optional extras: A standard VGA monitor CRT or LED (wall mount) can be connected to monitor the cameras.
The system can be connected to your home network and can be viewed on networked PC's. If connected to the internet you can monitor the cameras from a remote PC or smart phone or Tablet PC.

UPS system

ups system

Connect a UPS to your DVR and monitor so that they keep on working during load shedding.
Monitor all your cameras when you are most vulnerable during load shedding. A UPS allows you to continue to monitor your property and entrances and to continue recording video and audio when you need it most.

CCTV Systems

For home-owners the single biggest mistake you can make is to open your door to go and check your property or car when you hear noises outside.

Having a CCTV system allows you to assess the situation from the safety of your home without having to go outside where you are extremely vulnerable, and then report the situation in real time to the police or the security company and have a recording of the events to help identify the intruders to the authorities.

For business owners, keeping an eye on staff and customers can increase productivity and reduce shrinkage and theft. The video recordings makes proving incidents easy and provide concrete evidence in disciplinary and theft cases.

We provide a whole range of CCTV systems and options from just monitoring your entrance / gate to systems covering multiple entrances and floors across multiple properties.

Keep an eye on your sales point and areas of your sales floor obscured from the view of your staff.

Have recordings of everything that happens and be able to go back and view it even days after an incident is discovered.